Group Companies

Neumann Kaffee Gruppe is a founding member of the 4C Association. Moreover, Stockler is a registered and verified 4C Unit. Stockler has continuously broadened the implementation of the 4C Code of Conduct and started its continuous improvement process towards sustainability.

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Within the 4C Association, coffee farmers, trade and industry and civil society from around the world work together for more sustainability in the entire coffee sector. This global community has joined forces to continuously improve the social, environmental and economic conditions for the people making their living from coffee. Main pillars of the association, established in 2006, are a code of conduct, rules of participation for trade and industry, support mechanisms for coffee farmers, a verification system and the participatory governance structure.

Please visit www.4c-coffeeassociation.org for the latest activities and in-depth information on the 4C Association and its results.